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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hana Long Beaded Dress

Salam girls, sorry for the 2 weeks hiatus..
well, dresses are in the blog today.. do browse ;)

Simple and fun define this dress
Catchy beads bib at neckline accessorize this dress
Material slightly stretchable cotton
Available in 3 colours


Black SOLD
White SOLD

Free Size : Fits S - L

Measurement (in inch):
(Shoulder=15 , Bust = up to 18.5, Hips= up to 21, Length=36 , Arm Length= 23)

Price : RM 49

Hana Cardi Dress

Don't leave home without Hana Cardi Dress!!
Black Cardi and Stripes Dress combined into one
Material slightly stretchable cotton
Comes with FREE belt

Free Size : Fits S -M

Measurement (in inch):
(Shoulder=15 , Bust = 16.5, Hips=  17, Length=31.5 , Arm Length= 23)

Price : RM 38


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