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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Embroidered tunics

Tunic ni simple tapi elegant...ada sulaman2 kemas di leher dan hujung lengan..

sulaman terdiri dari 2 tona warna as well as ada beading jgak..sweet..

Very simple, polos....comfortable bab ia 100% cotton jgak..

Ada 3 colours to choose from- Innocent White, Lady in Black dan Fiery Red...let's feast ur eyes babe...

Saiz mcm ni ya...
Size : S (bust width : 17 inch, length : 30 inch, arm : 20 inch)
Size : M (bust width : 18 inch, length : 31 inch, arm : 21 inch)
Size : L (bust width : 19 inch, length : 32 inch, arm : 22 inch)
Size : XL (bust width : 20 inch, length : 33 inch, arm : 23 inch)


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