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Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Hit Wonder Tunics!!!

One Fine day...

me & my sister went out to browse for

.: UniQuely Tunics:.

...and we came across gorgeous tunics..
..cute, classic, abstract all compiled...
but sadly these tunics is uno..
..da one and only..handpicked by us..

and we introduce to u the..

One Hit Wonder Tunics..

..Once Sold No Longer Jom2 cepat

BubBlicioUs TuniC

Seriously Curve Flattering...


M size only!! (1)
(Shoulder= 16, Bust = 17.5, Hips= 19.5, Length=34 , Arm Length= 22.5)
rm 42

CutE FloRal CottOn Tunic

A vietnamese-inspired tunics

Green-Yellow flower- soo cute..

S size only!! (1)
(Shoulder= 15, Bust = 16.5, Hips= 19, Length=31 , Arm Length= 22)
rm 40

AbStracKkk TuniC

With Button at Side..

Soo Abstract..

L size only!! (1)

(Shoulder= 17.5, Bust = 19, Hips= 21, Length=34 , Arm Length= 22)

SOLD zafirah

rm 39 ya ;)

ClassIc EmbroiderEd TuniC

Classic Beige Tunics- Sangat Chantek ni

Knitted details and pleated necks...

XL size only!! (1)
(Shoulder= 17.5, Bust = 19.5, Hips= 21.5, Length=32 , Arm Length= 17**)

**3/4 sleeves

rm 53 with postage free ni..

SatinNe ButterFly-Style Tunics

sLip it on & ur ready To go...So casUal

PrettY RiBbon SasH inCluded

Free Size ( S-XXL)
Width can be stretch up to 24 inch..length= 34 inch..

rm 32 onlY!! woow

so JOM2..isi order form ya kawWan2..

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