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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

.:UniQuely Tunics:. Update...

Salam & Hi Every1 ;)

Next Update on New Collection oF Tunics

01/11/09 @ 9.00 pm

Lots of New Tunics (floral, checkers, button me down)

Do Stay Tune Ramai2 ya...& get ur uniquely tunic

See U tHen !!!


we are also sgt2 proud to announce

The StarS of .:UniQuely Tunics:.

#As a token of AppReciation foR the Solid Supports from Tunics Fan..

#We IntrOduce The TuniCs Fan Star System..

#The More U buy, The More U save!!!**kaCChInng!!**

#Valid for everytime* u shop at .:UniQuely Tunics:. and dat means sampai bila2 selagi this blog is alive and kicking ;)
*except on promo items

#list of customers will be kept at the right side of the blog..

#rewards is still secret..reveal on 1st nov 2009
(hint: free postage, discounts, fixed postage rate...etc)



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