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Monday, December 14, 2009

.:UniQuely Tunics:. Update...

Salam dear friends..

it's the end of another year again..reflecting back our journey this year, we must say lots of good and bad memories had been made..and had we achieve all our 2009 resolutions?? hehe well in a few weeks we will welcome 2010 and hope that all our plans for the future goes smooth..amiinn..

Okey, nai nak info on the next update of
.:UniQuely Tunics:.
this next update will be the last update for this year..jeng3x..the next update will be in the late January 2010 (kna tunggu lama skit ;p)

so nai will upload lots of tunics

**highlight to see clearly ;p***
Sassy Stripes Tunics - 3 designs
Chic Checkers Tunics-2 designs
Plain Button Me Down Tunics - 2 colours
Cute Floral Cotton Tunics- 1 design

all together 8 designs!! for you to browse and pick the best ones ;)

and nai hope that the tunics fans can comment in this post on:

which is your favourite tunic? and your suggestion on making this blogshop a better one..all comments are deeply appreciated.. till then..

Next Update on New Collection oF Tunics

15/12/09 @ 9.00 pm
TuesDay @ 9.00 pm

do stay tune and do invite your friends to visit this blog too!!

thanx so muchh and stay gorgeous ladies..

love yaa ,


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