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Thursday, April 22, 2010

.:UniQuely Tunics:. Update...

Salam Dearies..

Hope u Guys maintain Gorgeous as Owez..

Nai nak info on the next update at .:UniQuely TuniCs:.

it's on 25th April 2010 (Sunday) at 9 pm..

new tunic design will be uploaded..mmg cantik tau ;)


Tunic Pretty Plain Jane Duo Tones still available lg.. sila lah scroll ke bawah ya..

and lately ramai customer yg back next time nai strictly hold booking for 2 days..

if no reply or request for extra time..nai bg to next customer k..

thanx so much for understanding and supporting nai all this time..

umor this blog dah nak hampir setahun..yeay..

love ya,

nai@UniQuely Tunics

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