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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fashion

Salam & Hi Gorgeous,

Luna Embroidered Tunics 

Beautiful Plaid Embroidered Tunic for grab today. 
Fully embroidered with Gold Thread and Cuff sleeves.
Also embroidered along sleeves and neckline. 
Comfortable light cotton in faded colour. With zip at back.

plz click pic for clearer look ;)

Luna Embroidered Tunic in Faded Maroon-Denim Blue (Size M)

Luna Embroidered Tunic in Faded Green-Blue (Size L)

 Luna Embroidered Tunic in Faded Purple (Size XL)

Maroon-Faded Denim Blue (Size M)
shoulder: 15, bust: 17.5, hips: 19, length: 31.5 (inch)

Faded Green-Blue (Size L)
shoulder: 15.5, bust: 18.5, hips: 20, length: 31.5 (inch)

Faded Purple- Brown (Size XL)
shoulder: 16, bust: 19.5, hips: 21, length: 31.5 (inch)

RM 40

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