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Sunday, August 30, 2009

....(",).....anNouncement lagi...

Salam & Hi to all kawwan2 nai & my valued customer...

Ke mana kah perginya .:UniQuely Tunics:.?? Oh tidak, we r still here & going strong for all tunics fans out there.. cuma stock up lambat skit... sorry 2 keep u waitin..

So, here first and foremost...nai nak wish, Selamat Berpuasa di Bulan Ramadhan, Selamat Bergembira bersama keluarga and tak lupa Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ;)

Semoga everybody sihat, happy and maintain gorgeous hehe

Pastu nai nak wish my heartiest thanx and gratitude for the tremendous supports from u guys out's been nearly 4 months since this baby project and we had the best and warmest customers..couldnt wish for a better one..U GUYS ROCKS ;)

Okay, nai nak make a date with tunics fan ni.. everybody invited ya..

pls set ur date on
13 September 2009 ( Sunday)

and visit this blogshop for (drumrolls pls)..

there will be MAJOR UPDATE on tunics..we will see some old faces ( exquisite button me down, embroidered tunics and cute floral tunics)....

and...of course some neew gorgeous tunics too... InsyaAllah..
sapa2 yg geram bab terlepas ari tu..that is the purrfect time ;)

bookmark this blog and be our follower so that cik2 tak ketinggalan ya..and since it's so close to Eid-Fitri..posting day is everyday from 14- 17/09/2009...

before dat...let's make a clearance SALE.. here goes..

Checkers Tunic (details click here) from rm 39 to rm 35 plus postage.
Short Embroidered Tunics (details click here) from rm 50 to rm 40 plus postage
Cute Floral Tunic (details click here) from rm 40 to rm 35 plus postage
Classic Embroidered Tunic (details click here) from rm 53 to rm 43 plus postage
Satin Tunics (details click here) from rm 30 to rm 25 plus postage
Abstrackk Tunics (details click here) from rm 39 to rm 35 plus postage

sapa yg dulu rasa2 mcm berminat..jom order skrang by isi order form..

2nd Announcement..

Made from original Swarovski Crystal..
Sangat Jernih dan Berkilau ni..
Tiada rantai
(sesuai for baju melayu Johor & untuk dibahagi2)
5 butang per kotak
design mmg kukuh n tak tercabut2 coz bkan jenis digam

rm 25 only

Tempahan Butang Baju Melayu Crystal Swarovski will be made batch by batch

2nd Batch ( 24-31/08) posting day 1st/09/09
3rd Batch ( 2nd-07/09) posting day 08/09
4th Batch ( 09-14/09) posting day 15/09/09..

So me ;)
lots of love,
cik nai..

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